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Our Services

  3PL Services (Transportation) & Additional Services

We provides additional warehouse services which we call “Value Added” in order to fulfill customer’s needs.

      All products and solutions:

  • 3PL Services (Transportation/ General and Cold warehouse)
  • Heavy Cargo Transportation (Industrial machinery, other heavy items relocation)
  • Moving services
  • Labeling and repackaging services
  • Assembly services

  Air Freight

  • An overview of the international air transport services provided by LOGISTEED (Thailand), Ltd. Group. Our global operational network, with dedicated teams of logistics experts, offering you air freight solutions that best match your industry's logistics requirements. Moreover, you can track the transportation status online.

  Ocean Freight

  • An overview of the international ocean transport services provided by LOGISTEED (Thailand), Ltd. Group. Our comprehensive system supports us to ship cargo around the world, meeting your transportation requirements for varieties of volume, content, or delivery time-frame, as well as taking care of any ancillary requests. Moreover, you can track the transportation status online.


  • We provide transport modes that best fit your needs, making full use of the LOGISTEED (Thailand), Ltd. Group's network which includes long-distance chartered transport, combined transport, relay transport, milk run, special products transport, etc. We achieve delivery on schedule, from large heavy goods, high-volume orders, to small lot deliveries.

  Cross Border Transport

  • Our "cross-border" services provide solutions to smoothly transport cargo by land to neighboring countries and regions. In the ASEAN region, despite its complex borders, the development of the regional economy has brought with increasing logistics demand and sophistication. Our Group's local subsidiaries meet a wide range of customer needs by utilizing our own network, and also by cooperating with our partner companies.

  Heavy Cargo Transportation (Machine Relocation)

  • In Thailand, this service is gradually gaining more recognition. Our team of heavy cargo experts support to successfully carry out removal, and transportation of a wide variety of machinery and equipment. We provide this service in a safe and high-quality.

  3PL Services (General and Cold warehouse)

  • Our warehouse operation is highly experienced in inventory management by using WMS(Warehouse Management System) which improves productivity, performance, etc.
  • We also provide value added (additional) services such as labeling, repackaging, and assembly services.

  House Moving Transportation

  • Firstly, we provided this service to facilitate Japanese who relocated to Thailand. Then, we expanded this business to handling cargo both import and export.